Ha! Okay, so I had a performance this past Sunday. I played Debussy’s Prelude No. VIII, Book I, La fille aux cheveux de lin/The Girl with the Flaxen Hair.

I would love to know what anyone thinks. I would have really liked to voice the chords around the beginning differently—they’re a bit middle voice-heavy. Overall, I was pleased because I didn’t play any wrong notes. :P Also, I was so concerned with not rushing it, that I think the beginning dragged a little…=/ I was disappointed to hear that, because it sounded fine when I was up there playing it. Oh well. <3 This is why I’m not a performance major.

It was recorded on an iPhone, so the sound quality is obviously not great. You miss a lot of nuances, especially in the realm of dynamics. Everything tends to sound a little louder. But oh well. I wanted to share anyways. :)

Also love how I’m wearing a petite dress but it’s still so long that it gets stuck on my shoe. :( Wahhhh. Haha. :)

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